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Monday, June 18, 2007

Are You Seeing This?

I have a lot to get to, including some obscure haunting and investigative terms, spectral photography and the Crewes Circle, and another installment of Things What Done Fell From the Sky, but I kept getting all these FTP errors over the weekend whenever I published anything. I also want to make some changes to the template because it is so sloppy, but like I say, there was no sense in messing with anything while I was getting all these errors.

I seem to be seeing things fine over here, and I have had no problems posting to Weird Ink, but this one kept giving me issues the whole weekend, so I decided just to wait and see if it would situate itself. Besides, there is no customer support at my hosting service over the weekends. There used to be, then they unceremoniously shut it down and didn't even bother to send us a notice!

I am on dial-up, which makes everything pretty slow anyway, but this was something different and apparently nothing I could control. If I keep getting these errors, I'll call the company and see what they've got, otherwise, I have about 4-5+ posts I'm going to dump on you between now and tomorrow!

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