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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Into the Unknown

I meant to discuss this the other night and just forgot about it and got busy elsewhere and never got back to it, but following the usual Wednesday night suspects (Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth) was a new series which was certainly more educational than the other two and fairly entertaining, as well.

Into the Unknown was basically a talk show concerning the paranormal and the premiere episode focused on the Supernatural. Along with some impressive EVP evidence collected by two investigators from Texas, we also heard from a NASA-trained investigator who had some interesting theories regarding electrostatic fields, as well as a new device he hopes will help investigators in their work. Of course, this new device will collect more evidence to further his theory regarding electrostatic fields, but it is a tenable hypothesis.

Most interestingly, this investigator admitted that he is certain such energies exist - these things we call "ghosts" - and that he believes they likely have some sort of connection to personalities whose "mortal coils" have expired. Whether or not these things are connected directly to this phenomena of electrostatic energy fields is not for me to say; I see the merit in such an hypothesis, but also believe that such energy could be manipulated by other forces. Still, the only way to start answering these questions is to start collecting the data and doing the research.

I really liked the show and am interested to see where it goes.

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