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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Drunken Toddler, Just Add Water

Students in Amsterdam have invented - wait for it - powdered alcohol!

This is pretty weird in and of itself, but the disturbing part is that the students blatantly admit they are aiming for the underage market! Since it is not in liquid form, it is apparently legal to sell it to kids under 16 (16 being the legal age to purchase tobacco products and alcohol in the Netherlands). It can also be sold tax-free for the same reason!

Called Booz2Go, the powdered alcohol is sold in packets that go for between $1.35 - 2.00. When you add water, it produces a lime-flavored drink similar to "Bacardi-mixed drinks," according to one of the inventors. While the alcohol content is a mere 3%, you have to remember that most American beer has an alcohol content of about 5%.

Even more interestingly, powdered alcohol, marketed as flavoring, was apparently sold in the US three years ago.

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