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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Things What Done Fell From the Sky, Pt. 2

Continuing on in our series on Things What Done Fell From the Sky, we have a few more accounts from the 20th-Century and earlier, but I want to note that the phenomena has not let-up. Very recently, India experienced a shower of red rain which made international headlines.

These odd showers are often taken as portents or omens of bad things, but sometimes they are seen as actual showers of manna, which literally means "food of the gods," such as that which sustained the Israelites in Exodus 16:4-36, and as in the cases following:
  • Fish fell from the sky on Singapore in 1861 during torrential rains following an earthquake. People scrambled to fill their baskets with the fishes.
  • In Lake County, California, showers of "candy or sugar" fell on the nights of September 2nd and 11th, 1857. "The crystals were from 1/8th - 1/4th of an inch in length and the size of a goose quill. Syrup was made of it by some of the lady residents..." - Lyman L. Palmer, History of Napa and Lake Counties, p.71
  • On Friday, March 3rd, 1876, flakes of meat fell over an area 100 yards long and half as wide in Kentucky. Those who tasted it said it was neither mutton nor venison. Samples were collected and one expert claimed they were Nostoc, "a low form of vegetable existence." Seven other samples of the substance were tested by several other experts: 2 samples were said to be "lung tissue as from an infant or a horse," 3 were said to be muscle tissue, and the last two were thought to be cartilage.
Yummy! Hope you weren't sitting down to dinner...

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