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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ghost Hunters EVP Identified?

Now, you might not buy this, but earlier, when we heard the EVP on Ghost Hunters I said I did not think it said, "Hello." I offered some guesses (post immediately following), but I have to be honest, I couldn't make it out during the program and missed the recast. I originally thought it said something about "bones." I didn't mention that earlier because I couldn't make any sense of it and, out of context, I could only think of "my bones" or "I'm bones," or something.

Bogies are horrid, dangerous spirits thought to attack or frighten anyone who doesn't show them respect. They were thought to be short, squat, coal black and hairy, and have ugly, grinning faces. This is the basis of the Bogie-Man (Bogeyman, Boogieman) legend, which parents use to frighten their kids. Then I read this from a source I got from the Decaturville, TN Public Library about Bogies:

"It was once thought they were the most powerful among ghosts because they served as the assistants to the Devil during his evil-doing amongst mankind. They apparently have the ability to change their shape at will and sometimes make a wailing noise that sounds as if they are calling, 'I want my bones.'" - source, pg. 18 (italics mine)

How kick-ass is that shit?

Given the nature of the Hell-Fire Caves -- which most certainly were used by Satanic clubs (one of which Ben Franklin, along with several other Founding Fathers, was a member1) - doesn't that EVP sound like it was saying, "I want my bones?"

And, before the skeptics get to hollering, remember that these cats were practicing their rituals -- whatever those may have been (this was long before the days of LaVey) -- in the days when Bogies were still a very popular legend. Today, they've taken the form of the Bogeyman, and the whole, "I want my bones," and Devil-worshipping / assisting aspects have been forgotten. But when these guys were doing whatever they were doing, this was a popular legend in its original, Satanic form.

I happen to know a bit about these clubs and the people who participated in them, as they've filtered down into such "secret societies" as the Skull & Bones and others (which are based directly on these original Hellfire Club sects), and they were "Satanic" in nature -- mainly because they openly-mocked the Puritanical practices and beliefs of the practicing Church. I put Satanic in quotes because their Pagan rituals were largely drunken romps -- yet they did invoke Satan in mockery.

This being said, it's not that these guys were necessarily worshipping Satan as we think of it today, but the basic idea was the same: some Dogmatic rituals were practiced more to mock Christianity -- or, more specifically, the dominant Christian doctrines and ideology of the times -- then they all got drunk, ate too much, did some drugs, and had "illicit" and "deviant" sex. Of course, they likely dipped into all sorts of religions and Occult practices as they heard about or learned of them, all of which would have been considered "Satanic" at the time, which is why I bother to make the division.

At any rate, whether truly Bogies or merely "Masters" taunting the investigators, the legend not only fits the time, it fits the locale, and sounds like what I heard in the Ghost Hunters EVP. If these are the recording of ethereal voices manifest from an independent intelligence that was alive during these times, then it would certainly be aware of the legend and may (or may not) have been taunting the investigators. Another theory is that the intelligence is not aware that the legend has since died, so it is not trying to test their intelligence, knowledge, or resources -- just trying to scare them away.

Maybe the legend of the bogie as a malevolent spirit is true and it deserves attention as a species(?) or independent type of haunting.

1: Franklin visited the Hell-Fire Caves.

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