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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tonight's Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth

Now, I won't say I'm not a sucker, because I can't say I haven't been fooled before, won't be fooled again, or whatever; I can't really judge that for myself, but I don't think that keeping an open mind automatically makes me a fool or prone to believing things others would deem "obvious" bullshit.

That being said, I will admit that I am prone to being skeptical of "trained professionals'" opinions on matters Unexplained and I'll tell you why -- and it's so basic that I find many of the so-called "skeptics" who forward their findings as indisputable "evidence" to be the real suckers: They have a vested interest in disputing the Unexplained.
  1. Do you really think a professional Marine Biologist is going to go on record and admit that he thinks YOU, a professional jackass in his estimation (most likely), have discovered a new marine biological species?
  2. Don't you think it more likely that if this professional consultant really thinks there is a new species, he will take that evidence and try to drum-up funding on his own to gather more evidence, then claim to have been the one to discover it?
  3. Things simply aren't done this way in the scientific field(s), in general. Basically, when a new discovery is made, that intelligence is kept very, very quiet for a long, long time so that no one else molests the area, data, specimen, etc., while more data is gathered.
So, when that dude said tonight that he saw nothing on that tape that could be anything other than a giant catfish, I just don't buy it. Plus, I loved the EVP Josh and team caught in the sealed room of the crematorium! I was especially impressed when he took it to the translator who said (completely without provocation, insofar as we know) -- it sounded like it said, in the native tongue, "[Everybody] Get out of here!"

The evidence on Ghost Hunters tonight, caught in the infamous Hell-Fire Caves of London, was also impressive -- although I didn't find the visual evidence particularly impressive, even with the host's personal confirmation of the phenomena; I believe it is actual evidence, but deem it inadmissible as there's just no way to tell whether or not someone was down there with a flashlight. And it definitely looked like someone was down there shining a flashlight.

But, again, the EVP captured were definitely persuasive. In particular, I want to point-out that I didn't think the one "identifiable" EVP from Ghost Hunters was saying "Hello." I'm not sure what it was saying, but it kind of sounded more like "I'm/It's cold," or maybe, "Go home" -- or something along those lines. If I didn't live in an apartment, I could hook my TV up to all these speakers and computers and actually hear it, but, alas...

Good shows, both.

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