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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth

I didn't make really any entries on any blogs yesterday. I could have, but it would really have grasping at straws; just nothing much that interesting has happened the past few days. Luckily, last night brought one of our favorite shows, Ghost Hunters, as well as yet another episode of a new and fun show, Destination Truth.

I haven't heard much about Destination Truth in general, but I really like it. The host, Josh, is really funny and knows what he is doing. Plus, he takes on cases across the paranormal board: cryptozoological hunts, hauntings, UFOs, just whatever he comes across that looks promising. Last night, he caught some images of what is called the Ropen from Papua, New Guinea. I had not heard of this particular creature, but the evidence he collected is pretty powerful; there is definitely something there, though there is no way to know exactly what it is. I missed the second half of the show, unfortunately.

On Ghost Hunters, we got two good cases which provided some solid evidence. The first one was particularly interesting, since Steve and another investigator, Lisa, managed to communicate with a spirit. The homeowner had said that toys turned themselves on and off and sometimes seem to respond to her. In the basement, the pair heard a toy turn itself on, so they asked it to do it again, and it complied! Then Steve asked it to do it three times in a row "fast" and it complied again! Truly classic stuff.

All in all, an interesting night of TV, especially since I caught Creepshow and Creepshow II on IFC right after that!

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