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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Prescience in Spiritual Manifestation

The act of prescience (which probably should be capitalized, but isn't because Elite Caps are so... Elite) is the foretelling of the future. While all of what I'm about to be say needs to be qualified (and will be), let me first point out that prescience in a human being with ESP (often called a "psychic," but sometimes called things like "prophet" in religious circles) almost always comes and goes in certain patterns - indiscernible as yet except amongst those who feel them, and completely misunderstood even by them.

Most people who are blessed/cursed with ESP have prescient visions, notions, dreams, or other immeasurable (currently) experiences which have almost nothing to do with truly important events. You might feel a damning sense of Deja-vu while ordering a drink, for example: you feel that, if you order a beer instead of a Coke, a fight will break out, but you feel powerless to stop the fight no matter what you order and you really wanted to order a beer, so you order a beer anyway and then a fight breaks out - just like you "remembered" and you feel responsible. You aren't. Such seemingly innocuous events do not have a greater "Butterfly Effect" across all of history; you are fine. You wanted a beer and you bought one; those schlubs were going to fight, anyway. This is what the Secular World refers to as Hallucinatory.

Do not EVER take drugs from someone who is paid to give them to you.

When prescience is involved with paranormal activity, it is always due to some spiritual presence. Always.

This is what separates "psychokinesis" from "telekinesis" in ESP, but the division cannot truly be made in living things. And thus, should not be in dead ones: if any spirit - living or dead - can move things without obvious physical means, it is doing so by its very sheer force of Will, not its mind, and is possessed of kinetic energy projection. You can call it KEP, if you want; I do. Only living beings employ deceptive methods to fool investigative attempts; dead things can just move stuff.

Whether or not it uses its own sheer force of will ("psycho"-kinesis) or uses its mental acumen or ability to force its will on disconnected spirits which perform its bidding, the end results are the same and that's all we can measure because that's all we can actually... like MEASURE, gentlemen; if a spirit, living or dead, can move an(y) object(s) without visible means of support, it is possessed of the ability we call KEP. Further, true KEP is not done slowly; it happens very quickly - sometimes within the blink of an eye. Film of things moving slowly over the course of several hours is usually faked - at the very least, it is rarely caused by KEP.

True Prescience - the matter of literally knowing about future events as opposed to predicting them - is an Elemental secret. If a human possesses this ability, it may be a matter of Possession. But being "possessed" does not mean that the spirit manifestation is necessarily Evil: it does not mean that it is malefic, mercurial, Elemental, or even Apparent; the cat what is possessed may very well have the sixth sense (ESP), and may have given over control to spiritual influence. This is dangerous and should be downplayed and discouraged but not condemned; there are "automatic mediums" and places and spirits of great power. Being "possessed" cannot always be avoided by those with ESP.

BUT we're talking about prescience, aren't we? In living things, none of these disciplines should be divided; it is all ESP. In dead things, the question is to whether or not it is a matter of Poltergeist or Elemental activity - further (ONLY within investigative matters and peoples; NEVER, EVER tell media outlets), Daemonic or Natural - and prescience is not present within any spirits except those what have not lived, kids.

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