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Friday, July 20, 2007

Blog Published with Errors

I’m getting that “Blog Published with Errors” message again and I hate to admit it, but my host is not too reliable. Still, I have a feeling this has more (or at least as much) to do with Blogger than my host. It’s been happening at least once or twice a week for the past couple months or so, then it works itself out in a day or two. Then it starts right back up a week or so after it settles down.

Now, I’m seeing the blog just fine, so it may have to do with the tags. They seem to be separate files and when it publishes correctly, it shows me the tags’ names. When it does not publish correctly, it just says, “Your blog published with errors,” then returns a bunch of error codes that no one seems to care about. I know Blogger is still doing a bunch of new stuff, so it may be that they are working on that stuff on the weekends and it’s just some downtime.

I went on and did some of the other things I had to do today and even grilled out once it got cooler, but I tried posting about an hour ago and it’s still doing it. Still, I will try to get a few more of the posts I had schedule up before I retire for the evening and hope that tomorrow is a better day. It usually clears up after a day or so.

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