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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dr. Taggert on Eureka

So I just gave a short review of the second season premiere of Eureka on the Sci-Fi Channel over on The Rundown, and of course, we often discuss other Sci-Fi Channel shows here, namely Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth, so I just wanted to make brief mention of Dr. Taggert’s depiction as a cryptozoologist/parapsychologist on the show.

Although he is a central character, not much has really been made of what he does, what he researches, and so on, though I am hoping this changes over the course of the show. Still, we know Taggert believes that Bigfoot is a Gigantopithicus and tonight’s episode informed us that he believes in the Phoenix (though it isn’t certain if he thinks of it as an actual creature or more of a spiritual sort of omen), but the main thing I wanted to point-out was that all of the stuff on Eureka has a firm scientific basis. By that, I mean that they are not likely to have an episode where an actual Bigfoot or other creature makes an appearance without it ending up to have been scientifically manufactured.

Still, I like that a Dr. Taggert character exists on such a great show. Sure, he’s an oddball, but so are all the other geniuses in Eureka, and while he is often played for laughs, he and his theories are not mocked (except by Carter, who mocks pretty much all the genius-level oddballs). Sure, he may be a sort of one-trick pony for the purposes of the show - after all, it is a show - where everything he thinks or believes somehow comes back to cryptozoology and so forth, but it isn’t a cardboard character the way such people are often portrayed by the mainstream media.

Also, while I like a lot of Occult-themed shows (or horror with Supernatural themes, in general), Eureka certainly has its own unique twist on the whole thing, which I appreciate.

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