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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On Brian Harnois

Hey, guys (and gals -- that's a given, just so you know)!

I'd just like to thank you all for checking out the blog. I know how most people think this stuff "crazy," and those of us who care about it to be the same. Just so you know, I've been researching all of this stuff since I was old enough to read. I started reading at about age two. I don't like to think of myself as "crazy," but I understand that subjects such as this are, far and away, off of most peoples' spectrums.

And I'm not calling anyone "dumb" or anything like that; I mean that going to work to pay for your kids' meals, clothing, and dental work trumps pondering the existence of an Afterlife, and I appreciate that. But there are a lot of people who assume that anyone who considers any of these subjects with which we most often deal valid to be nothing more than "stupid," "crazy," or a range of other epithets, In addition to those who think these subjects simply unworthy of the time spent pondering it.

About a year ago, I penned some thoughts about T.A.P.S. member, and Ghost Hunters regular, Brian Harnois. First of all, this has been one of the most popular pages on Rated-B. I thank you for all of that, but I really want to point out that Rated-B -- while cooler than mint ice cream -- is a blog. That's how I felt at the time I posted it. And I stand by that.

I don't remember what was going on, what I was going through, nor anything else about the day I wrote that. I just remember feeling so strongly that Brian Harnois was a douche, that I simply had to write about it.

That being said, so far this season, Steve has been given the reins -- the keys to Brian's domain, as it were -- and has done a great job. But, let's be honest... Steve is scared shitless of basically anything living, and he admits that he has never seen anything truly paranormal. He's afraid of flying, heights, spiders, snakes (well, I'll give him the last one) -- I mean, come on! He's the living incarnation of Adrian Monk.

The point is not that Brian is a douche, nor that Steve is a sissy; these are givens. The point is that Steve is a better manager than Brian. He's a better tech-guy, a better leader, and on down the line. BUT -- having said that -- Steve openly admits that he has never had a real paranormal experience, so it could be argued that Brian might be better in that position.

Regardless, Brian screwed up many, many times over the first season or two, and even though he apologized for it, I think it took him too long to realize that what he had done was wrong. His first few apologies sounded hollow and forced -- like he knew the rest of the team wanted him to do it, and that was the only reason he did. But I will freely admit that Harnois has proven himself over and over since then, and I don't mind him at all now.

But I don't feel bad for being upset with his behavior back when I wrote the original post, and will not apologize for it. That's what I felt and thought at the time, and I do not have any reason to apologize for that. That my feelings have since changed is only human -- exactly as it is to have had those feelings at the time I did.

And that's what blogs and Free Speech are all about.

(This post was originally drafted on June 29th, but never finished and published until now.)

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