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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nanotech from Ancient Devices

American scientists are working toward developing nanotechnology for use in things such as car engines - but not yet the human body. The whole thing would actually be a complex mechanical system.

The science-fiction concept of nanotechnology works much like binary code: one small nanoid performs one, specific function. Once that first nanoid’s function has been performed, the next one comes along and does its one function. This process continues, much like a 0 and 1 system, until whatever larger, overall goal has been accomplished.

What these scientists are looking into is a bit more complicated and actually owes a lot to ancient computing theory, developed over 200 years ago and put into practice by Babbage, a thinker who created complex, steam-powered “computers.” While Babbage did not finish his projects, later experiments on his works proved their functionality.

- Source, BBC

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