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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm Sorry

Look, guys, I’m really sorry. I know I seem like I’ve been cheesing-off on you and just throwing a bunch of bullshit your way in order to post ads, but... well, it isn’t not true, but that's really not the way it is. The truth is that waiting for like 10 minutes for a post to come up with errors is really frustrating.

I’m drafting posts in a third-party word processor called RoughDraft (great program, by the way), then cutting and pasting them into Blogger, which is... just not very cool for like $200. I tried calling the hosting company and I get an operator’s message about how the network is overwhelmed...

I honestly feel shit upon.

This is why you haven’t seen more on the site, to be honest. I set this whole thing up in hopes that it would make at least enough money to pay for itself, but I’ve had so many damned problems with the host that I chose that it just hasn’t happened.

I’m going to post another ad after this and, in about a month or two, I’m pretty sure we’re changing hosts. But we're not gone; we'll keep posting here and there, but I'm not really pushing it right now. This is honest bullshit. These guys haven't even offered me a little bit back for this crap - in fact, these guys have been all but openly hostile to me for complaining!

We’ve been hacked, mocked, and completely fucked with. And right now, we can’t even get anyone to pick up a fucking phone! I honestly hope someone died, and I know that’s not right, but let’s put this into perspective:

You have been waiting for me to deliver something and I really haven’t been able to because they haven’t been able to live up to their end of the contract.

So, that’s that.

And motherfuck my hosting service! Did I stutter?

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