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Friday, July 20, 2007


So sorry for jumping ship. Wednesday night, as we were sitting down to watch the season finales of both Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth, the cable went out and didn’t come back on until about 2:00 yesterday afternoon! It wasn't just my cable; it went out throughout the entire town.

We were watching the Ghost Hunters reruns before the finale when it went out, and we called and went through all the "troubleshooting" tips those lying motherfuckers gave us -- but we knew it was bullshit because everyone else's was out, too. I was so upset that I missed them! I’m going to have to surf the net today to find out what happened.

Oh, and yesterday, I found out my car battery is dead. We tried and tried to get it to hold a charge, but it just won't. It was having troubles starting, and now it won't start at all without a jump. I'll have to find someone to jump me off today because I have to pay my utility bill (I completely forgot to do it with everything else going on, and today’s the last day, so I have to go to the bank to pay it).

Still, I have some things to discuss, so it isn’'t going to be an empty day or anything. It may actually wind-up being fairly busy, in fact. Just depends on how much I get done and how soon.

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