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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things What Done Fell From the Sky, Pt. 4 - Anomalous Showers

Showers from an otherwise cloudless skies are not unheard of. I have experienced them many time in my thus short lifetime, though they fairly seem last long. On many of these occasions, they occurred when it was particularly humid and the brief rainfall did more to increase the heat and humidity than relieve it. Here, then, are a few that go slightly further:
  1. Charlotte, NC, October 21st, 1886: According to the Charlotte Chronicle, and confirmed for the US Signal Coprs by an observer who reported to the Monthly Weather Review, everyday between 4:47 PM and 4:55 PM, rain drops fell from a cloudless sky, "...sometimes over... half an acre, but always appears to center at these two trees." The phenomena was observed several times, the stopped as abruptly as it had begun.
  2. Aiken, South Carolina (approx. the same time - late October), rain from fell morning until late night over two graves in a local cemetery and nowhere else. This was observed by hundreds of locals.
  3. While traveling down a two-lane highway with my family in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee back when I was truly a young boy - somewhere near puberty - we went down a highway for over 3-5 solid minutes in complete sunshine while on the other side of the street, it was literally raining so hard they were pulling over! The division was almost completely down the middle line of the road and when it curved, it really seemed to curve with it! While a truly weird experience for my family and I (as well as passersby who were waving, incredulously), I was a child and this was the early 80s (if that), so no recording of this was made, though one may exist.

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