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Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Truly Local Shower

This is one of the accounts I read a long, long time ago and could never get out of my head - I think you’ll see why. It makes no sense whatsoever and, excepting the specific event itself, fits no real stereotype or cliche:

One clear, summer morning, an Oyster Bay, NY, science teacher was in his driveway when he saw a small, dark cloud circling above his house. According the the victim, it appeared to move and change shape from a small globe to a larger sphere, then finally to some sort of dark vaporous, “something” which split its “lips” and sprayed both he and his car with a stream of liquid.

The cloud vanished completely. The teacher changed his clothes but kept the ones he had been wearing for examination at his school lab, where the liquid proved to be 100% water.

That's a spooky story. If true.

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