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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Hymn from the Bell Witch

As I mentioned, one of the recurring phenomena reported in conjunction with the Bell Witch was its recitation of hymns, songs, and prayers with which no one who heard them was familiar. It is said the entity sang in the sweetest voice - a voice which would bring listeners to tears, in fact - and the selections (“all agreed,” according to Charles Bailey Bell) were of the finest quality.

This is one such hymn the Bell descendant reported and attributed to the Spirit:

Come, my heart, and let us try
For a little season
Every burden to lay by
Come and let us reason

What is this that casts you down?
Who are those that grieve you?
Speak and let the worst be known.
Speaking may relieve you.

Christ by faith I sometimes see
And he doth relieve me,
But my fears return again,
These are they that grieve me.

Troubled like the restless sea,
Feeble, faint, and fearful,
Plagued with every sore disease,
How can I be cheerful?

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