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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tsar's Lost Children Found?

Archaeologists believe they have found the remains of two of the missing children of Russia's last tsar. While remains were found and ceremoniously reburied in 1998, two of the family were missing. In years prior, some had stepped forward, claiming to be one or more of these children, but various medical tests revealed otherwise.

We report this here because one of the children, Alexei, is known to have suffered from haemophelia and was treated by "The Mad Monk," spiritualist, Rasputin. Rasputin is known to have possessed some form of Supernatural gifts and was said to have quite a way with the ladies: he tended to sexually assault and even rape them while his wife and many children stayed at home. Rasputin was a heavy drinker and, by most accounts, cruel man. He was conspired against and killed by a coterie of people, though no one is sure exactly what killed him: he was poisoned, stabbed, shot, and drowned.

When pulled from the river, his hands were fashioned in a divine form and tests indicated he had survived for much longer than normal in the icy waters. Recent investigations suggest at least one more unknown assailant -- most likely a soldier or highly-trained servant of some capacity -- was the final arbiter of The Mad Monk's fate.

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