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Monday, August 20, 2007

Working Hard All Week Long

I realize that there are a lot of ads today. There will be a lot of ads tomorrow and probably a lot of ads the following days throughout the week. After missing seven days, I have a lot of back-up to get to. I was terribly afraid I had lost at least a few of my sponsors, but (God willing), it appears everything is going along just fine. I just have to keep plugging away and get these overdue ads out of the way. The same is going on over to The Rundown and will also be that way throughout the week.

Still, once we get caught-up on everything, it's back to The Bell Witch for a bit, more Things What Done Fell From the Sky entries, and all the regular stuff we do here. We also have some great scientific news along the way and some other stuff which isn't exactly new, but should still be interesting.

After all that I have been through this last week, not to mention the Flu or cold or whatever the hell it is I have on top of that, I am really having to jam these things out. I hate to do it because I really like to mix them up and put two or three entries between each ad, but I have no real choice right now. Hopefully, I'll have caught up by Thursday or Friday and we'll be back on our regular schedule, but I can't promise anything. To be truthful, as much money as I need right now, I kind of hope I stay under the gun through next week!

But only kind of...

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