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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are You There?

Well hopefully you are seeing this! I think we finally made the switch-over earlier this afternoon. I know that most of you haven't been able to see the newer posts for several days because everything was still pointing to the old site, but The Weirding has successfully moved and so has The OddBlog...

I hope!

As I wrote elsewhere, I am still learning the new system and working on everything, so the posts will be sparse and then cascading, which is actually pretty much par for the course around here, isn't it? And over to The Rundown. And over to The Weirding.

Ah well, you do what you can when you can, you know?

But anyway, the move has been made and now the hard part comes: getting everything back online. Not to mention the new content I've been promising for a year now...

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