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Monday, September 24, 2007

Did Jesus Walk on Ice?

At least one scientist has suggested that Jesus might have walked on ice - what is known as "Spring's Ice" - instead of water. This report was actually made public some time ago and I meant to cover it then, but never got around to it. While it is true that (according to scientists and researchers) a cold period swept through the area around the time Jesus was said to have lived in the area, I don't know if this comes down to a matter of faith vs. science or not.

Let's face it: not everything that happens has a "logical" explanation; it just doesn't. This blog seeks to record accounts of these very things, and as we've covered before (and continue to do so), there are simply events and occurrences which we cannot explain-away. A great one are the numerous accounts of Things What Done Fell From the Sky; whirlwinds and the like do not account for these strange falls, accounts of which go back to Biblical times, and no other "scientific" explanations - no logical ones, anyway - take the place of what we know to be true: several times over the ages, strange things have fallen from the skies for no apparent reason from no apparent source.

Now, this doesn't necessarily make these things Supernatural, but how exactly do we even define that word? A lot of what we take as commonplace today would be considered Supernatural by people from earlier times, so how can we say for certain?

At any rate, while I accept that Jesus walked on water, I grant that there could have been "Spring's Ice" in the Sea of Galilee. But that would mean that Jesus was a fraud who intentionally deceived His Disciples and, eventually, billions throughout time. And I believe the rest of the accounts of His life directly dispute that.

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