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Monday, September 24, 2007

Old Posts Find New Life

One of the things I had said before that I wanted to do was get some of the posts I'd made on other sites previously on this blog. In most cases, the sites on which they were originally posted have gone under; in other cases, I simply removed them from the site because I liked them enough that I wanted them on my own. They are, after all, my original content, so why should I freely give them to anyone else?

I had to wait to post a lot of them because I didn't want Google and other search engines to penalize this blog for having what is known as "duplicate content." There is the possibility that this may still happen, but in almost every case, the "original" publication has been well over three months past, so I'm not that worried. Besides, you can't get a negative PR and our poor little pixel park here has a 0, so I'm not too worried.

Hopefully, you haven't read these before but, if you have, rest assured I did not steal them from anyone or anywhere; everything on here is original content written by me.

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