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Monday, September 24, 2007

Iran and N Korea's Nuclear Testing

This one also originally appeared on the same old blogsite which no longer exists. It is not necessarily all that good or poignant today, but it goes along with what is in the news today, about which I am posting next, so I figured I'd go on and post it:

This one's priceless:

Those wacky, peace-loving Iranians we know as chronic terrorists - the same peaceful cats who brought you the time-honored punchline, "I claim this _____ in the name of Allah," and inspired a slew of Chuck Norris flicks in the 1980s with their wacky hijackings - blame the US for N. Korea's alleged nuclear testing over the weekend.

According to Iranian radio, the US "humiliated" N. Korea into their nuclear program, threatening them and refusing to lift sanctions against the country. This has all lead the misunderstood country to developing nuclear arms, which they would not have done otherwise.

Coincidentally, Iran is another well-meaning, though misunderstood, country trying to develop nuclear devices - ostensibly for "peaceful" purposes, like energy. That's right: one of the most oil-rich countries on the face of the entire planet needs more energy. I was not even aware they had cars in Iran. Do they have cars in Iran? At any rate, I'm pretty certain they are not in use by a majority of the population.

In case you do not know about the leader of North Korea, he is certifiably insane. He suffers from Megalomania and delusions of grandeur. He sent soldiers into the deep jungles of North Korea back in 1999-2000 to find and destroy the graven images of past leaders/gods - jungles so deep that no human being had set foot there in hundreds of years! He is a despot and enemy of Mankind. North Korean citizens are beaten and killed trying to climb the fenced borders to freedom, and there are tapes of women literally hurling their babies over the fences, in hopes of giving them a better life.

Iran is a terrorist nation of hijackers and zealots.

Neither should be allowed access to nuclear anything. Ever. It's frightening enough that Iran has radios!

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