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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Quit Needling the Girl!

A short time ago, Luo Cuifen, came into the doctor's, complaining of blood in her urine. When subjected to X-rays, doctors discovered more than 25 sewing needles in her body!

While most were in her abdomen and had punctured vital organs, such as her kidneys, liver, and lungs, one had broken into three pieces in her brain. A team of 23 doctors, including five from North America, will perform a series of operations to try and remove the needles from the Chinese woman's body, but the hospital will only pay for the first one; 31-year old Cuifen will have to find some way to pay for the rest.

It is believed the needles were inserted into her by her grandparents, who were upset that she was not a boy. Both grandparents are dead now. In many rural Chinese areas, boys are more highly-prized than girls, largely because they can carry on the family name.

Ms. Cuifen was said to have been in good health until she noticed the blood in her urine.

As soon as we hear more about this - including where to send donations to help this poor woman - we will be sure to let you know.

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