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Monday, September 24, 2007

Today's Agenda

Okay guys, I know I'd said the other day that I was going to have a bunch of stuff for you - and I do have a lot of stuff to get to - but after running through all those press releases over to The Rundown, I simply had to take some time off. I'm not sure I mentioned it here, but I used to work only six days a week and then made myself take at least one whole day off to do just whatever (run around town, drink and watch TV, clean the house - just relax and do whatever offline) and I got away from that schedule. I really feel like I was more productive when I stuck to it, so I am trying to get back on it. Yesterday was my day to just take off - even though I really wanted to post at least a few things here, I forced myself to abstain.

So today I really am going to be here all day. I'll probably have a press release or two to bust out on The Rundown as they come in, but otherwise, today is the day for the paranormal.

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