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Sunday, October 21, 2007


We had an outage in the area most of Friday, so I managed to get a wee bit drunk and spent all day Saturday on the couch, reading a book (Disco Bloodbath, reviewed on Weird Ink). In the meantime, I got behind on some deadlines here, so I will definitely be working today.

It kind of works out because I said I was going to start taking Saturdays off anyway. I was getting ten times more done that way than when I was pushing myself like mad every, single day.

While I couldn't get online Friday, I did manage to get some more pages for the site together. I am still waiting on some things and can't get to some of the old files from the old site that I want to fix-up and move to the new one. I need a CD cleaner kit and hopefully that will fix things.

Anyway, I am going to try and take a short nap until the store opens so I can walk down there and grab some cigs.

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