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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun

Ah, turmoil - what would life be without it?

I have been trying to get a single computer up and going for going on three days now and I am completely over it. I am going to find out if I can slave this XP drive to the 98 computer just long enough to get the files I need off of it. This after I just got the old files I had been missing and complaining about for months now.

We will have some new stuff up for Halloween, just as promised, but I’m not sure what it will be, how much of it will be up in time, or what it will look like.

I am definitely going to get an entirely new computer this or next week. I simply can’t not do it. I’m losing far more time and money playing with these damned things every 2-3 weeks for 3-4 days at a time than I am saving by fucking with these old bits and parts.

I am actually going to do what I can ASAP and then I’m going to take some pretty drastic measures to make sure I will always have at least one good back up, Linux, XP, 98 - I don’t care a whit, so long as it runs the programs I use and need.

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