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Monday, October 29, 2007

Where Even to Begin?

Okay, this is one for the books. It’s so... odd that I can’t even begin to get into it just yet.

It started with looking into a computer, then led to pulling out an old one to see if there was anything I could scrounge from it to fix the first one. Then it turned out the old one had a problem I had dealt with before, so I figured I would just swap out the hard drive in my computer (which is already screwed) into the new one... and it all went downhill from there - quickly.

Needless to say, I’m HOPING my hard drive still works, but I had to pull out the old 98 box standby to work on - which is what I’m using right now. Which is even weirder because it quit working sometime back and hasn’t worked at all until just tonight.

Long, long, long story I just can’t get into right now because I am simply too, too tired and flummoxed to even think about.

Even though I got this far with it.

Just need sleep. More tomorrow.

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