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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mexican Cannibal Arrested

A man alleged by police to be a cannibal was arrested in Mexico City.

Jose Luis Calva reportedly told Mexican police he was an aspiring horror novelist and poet who was working on a novel entitled Cannibal Instinct. He also admitted to police that he was a fan of Sir Anthony Hopkins, who portrayed a cannibal in several related horror flicks (though I have absolutely no idea what that has to do with anything - a perfect example of the kind of grasping-at-straws tactics cops love to use in order to bolster their cases).

Circumstantial, anecdotal evidence aside, police claimed to have found a female torso in a cabinet, a leg in the refrigerator, and bones in a cereal box. Calva's girlfriend, a 30-year old mother of two, was reported missing some days back by her family.

Cops are now looking into two other disappearances, including Calva's former girlfriend and a prostitute. Chunks of meat in a frying pan on his stove are being tested to discover if they are human.

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