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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Promise (No, Really! I Mean It This Time!)

You know, I noticed a while back that I have gotten into a nasty habit of a 1:1 ratio on sponsored and unsponsored posts and I really never meant to do that. In general, I prefer at least 2-3 non-sponsored posts between ads, but seeing as how I am often on a deadline, that just can't always be done here.

As I've said before, worthwhile news on the paranormal and other subjects I cover here just don't happen on a consistent basis, so I can't always depend on that. And even though I have been pressed for time lately anyway with switching hosts and trying to get new content online, as well as the other blogs, I know (and completely agree) that I need to get busier here and start finding some decent stuff to get out to you on a more regular basis.

So while I have said this far more often than I would like (especially lately), I really am trying to get to where I can focus more on The OddBlog and Weird Ink. Of course, I'm not the major media outlets, so I can't just make the news up!

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