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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

There Is No Jean

Wow! Did you see tonight's Ghost Hunters?

The first half, they seem to have caught a full-bodied apparition at The Presidio, but it also kind of looks like a shadow, which even the Ghost Hunters admitted. Still, at least one of the images is really good - it appears to be away from the wall. Both instances clearly show a human form moving in a human manner, but they are inconclusive.

The second half of the program was the money, though:

They investigated a place called Lullabye Lane in California. It is a family-owned baby furniture store or some such and even the employees are said to be distant family members. The proprietors complained of hearing voices and claimed to have seen some instances of poltergeist activity - specifically, a chair that turned on its own and supposedly pushed itself up under the desk.

The family thought the spirit(s) may have been that of a former employee by the name of Jean.

But the amazing thing was the EVPs they caught. They were some of the clearest I've heard in a long time, as Jason mentioned. They were really creepy, gravelly voices and the one that really stood apart was, "There is no Jean"!!! It was kind of frightening, but exciting because it was so direct a response.

Another great EVP sounded like it said, "Please just leave us alone." They were of such a high quality, so clear and obviously in contact - responding directly to the Ghost Hunters - that this was one of the better episodes I've seen in quite some time now.

What do you think of Kris, the new girl? She's a little hottie, no? Her exceptional good looks aside, she is also coming along quite nicely. She's very good at research, though I wonder how much of what she says on camera is actually fed to her or set-up. Not that she didn't do the research, I just mean, for example, tonight she gave a rundown of the Presidio's history that was so specific I mused that she either just read about it before she got in the car or she had written it down and memorized it right before they rolled tape. Not that that is exactly "scripted" reality TV - it isn't - I just mean that, you know, it was a little too complete and specific for her to not have just done the research.

Really good episode.

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