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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Opine, Opine!

So what does everyone think of the new look? I'm still playing around with everything, but only one person has responded and she said she really liked it. I think it's a little drab, personally, but I can't really tell. You know what they say about artists judging their own work...

While I do have an entire site to consider, I don't mind if The OddBlog stands apart from the rest of The Weirding. After all, it really is its own beast, if you will. But I do want it to look good and yet still kind of fit with the rest of the site, overall. I can handle all of this, but I would love a few opinions - and wouldn't mind any suggestions!

I tried working on Weird Ink yesterday and somehow wound-up with the sidebar down at the bottom of the page... still haven't figured that one out yet. But the point is that I am working on these things and I would love to hear what everyone thinks!

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