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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bigfoot on MonsterQuest

Did you see tonight's MonsterQuest over to the History Channel? That was damned good!

They always end the episodes with that whole, "Nothing's conclusive" thing, but I felt some of what they came up with tonight was pretty damned conclusive!

In one study, a scientist concluded (with the help of a professional athlete) that a human being could not match the gait the animal in the Patterson film appears to have. In another, computer enhancement proved that the level of detail in the face was too high to have been faked in that day and age (1967). They didn't say that it couldn't be done at all but, as one researcher correctly pointed-out, who would have thought to include that level of detail in a hoax on 16mm film? How could they have predicted that technology 40 years later would allow researchers to go into that much detail?

Really good show that I feel proved the Patterson footage was no hoax.

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