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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Evil Lurks in Laguna Beach

Several, wet, beheaded animals have washed ashore on Laguna Beach on the past week or so, according to officials.

Two goats, a dove or pigeon, and several chickens (including a rooster) have been found along the shoreline. Police says they are puzzled by the appearances of the animals and are looking into everything from childish Halloween pranks to "cold, ritualistic-type activities."

The beheading of animals plays an integral role in many primitive religious practices, most notably Vodoun. Goats and fowl play a particularly important role in many Vodoun rituals. While sometimes associated with Satanic practices, the ritualistic killing of animals is not actually a part of any Satanic rite of which this author is aware.

Laguna Beach is where the popular Empty-V "reality" show is filmed, so they have enough problems.

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