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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The More Things Change...

Well, I guess I spoke too soon as to our seemingly meteoric rise from a big, fat goose-egg to a whole 2 Google PR.

Turns out that we are not only still at 0, the entire site has dropped to a 0 (from a 3)! How, I do not know, but it appears to have happened -- possibly due to the host change. Even after it first went up to a 2, it has since fallen back to a 0.

Worse yet, The Rundown has also dropped to 0, which has caused us to lose some sponsors. But I'm not fretting it. As I mentioned over there, this gives me every reason to go ahead and move the blogs to their own sub-domains... I just have to be able to get to the fucking place online where I do that... it apparently does not work well with Win 98.

But then again, neither does Microsoft...

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