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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Healing Touch - Reiki

I have discussed the power of healing touch therapy for years now. I may not have touched (eek!) upon it here in print, but healing touch therapy is a lot more powerful than most "accredited" science would have you believe.  This practice, developed in 1922, is known as Reiki.

In short, the therapist focuses on certain energy points -- upper body, mostly -- such as the head and shoulders. The, usually gentle, touching of these areas has a freeing result. My theory is that it correlates to the idea that these are "No"-zones -- areas considered intimate by many, and so off-limits to strangers and others with whom we are unfamiliar. The direct stimulation of these spots in non-intimate ways results in emotional changes that allow relaxation.

I am not suggesting that touch therapy brings upon any changes in the person's actual sense of awareness; touch therapy does not, in itself, induce an altered state of consciousness. However, it does result in a state of relaxation most people do not regularly experience. It's akin to being in the company of friends and others you trust, allowing you to let down your guard against the outside world.

With your energy freed to focus on other things, you can better attune yourself to your health. I would venture to say that people in general (particularly Americans) are fairly self-involved -- whether due to sociological concerns or inherent needs of survival -- so this redirected energy tends to point itself toward healing one's wounds. That garbled mess of stumbling is to say that, when you are comfortable, you can focus on healing.

Whether or not my theory holds true is still widely-debated, but this recent report shows that more and more of the medical community is starting to accept that, whatever the reasoning behind it, touch therapy does have some medical validity.

UPDATE:  I learned that this is known as Reiki.  Numerous links, particularly regarding Health and Medication, in several posts have been removed by parties unknown (military). - 2018

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