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Sunday, November 25, 2007

History Channel Delivers All Night Long

As a member of The History Channel, I guess I should know something about the station I am bankrolling (hey, for my $12-13.00/year, I'm the frigging Howard Hughes to their Las Vegas!)... but I was watching BBCA's Torchwood marathon earlier because there was one episode I missed (I am so thoroughly impressed with that show, so consistently!), and I switched over to see that they've had a marathon of UFO Files and related shows on all day.

Even better, in another hour or so, they are starting a marathon of their MonsterQuest series! I have no idea when it airs, because I have seen it on before, but always when it was just going off or I was flipping channels in the middle of something I was already watching, so I'm really down for this.

Then, they have a new series called UFO Hunters (or something like that) premiering this January!

As many readers likely know, History Channel used to be the place to be on Mondays, because it lead with UFO Files, then it went to the archaeology show with the young, good-looking guy that had the Indiana Jones-type thing going on -- Josh someone -- Indiana Josh... Uncovering History? Really good block of programming for a handful of years. Then NBC knocked it out with Heroes and now Chuck then Heroes, but I've really missed my Monday nights o' Oddity, so I couldn't be happier to see some of this programming returning!

Not to mention that, of all the channels that program such fare, History is the most reputable. Of course, I love everything Sci-Fi Channel does -- and I am not about to diminish their research, exploration, or funding into these fantastic subjects -- but History Channel has the goods when it comes to getting hold of those records and tapes which confirm the reports all the other shows investigate. Not to mention the authoritative name.

I am not generally swayed by such things, but you have to admit, History Channel has been presenting these types of shows since before Sci-Fi started doing John Edwards...

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