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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Much Work Done

I'll get to Larry King Live in the next post because I have to do some quick research on some of the things they discussed the other night (and, honestly, I fell asleep about halfway through the program, sadly).

But I wanted to let you know why I wasn't here yesterday:

I know I have been taking Saturdays off lately and I said I was trying to get on a schedule that allowed me to do just that. I'm sticking to that, so yesterday was an anomaly. But I spent the entire day working on the website, which is a great thing. It isn't so much that I have been putting it off as it is that I just haven't wanted to get into the middle of a huge project when I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it. Big projects of such a delicate nature just can't be dropped and picked up in media res.

But I got far enough ahead in my notes that I went ahead and tackled a significant portion of the Chill section yesterday and actually finished most of it! Well, to be fair, I have been working on it in pieces for most of the week - an hour or two each day, as I found the time - but yesterday I went ahead and jumped into the fray.

Something will be up late tonight or tomorrow, I just can't say exactly what yet. Still, I have a lot more work ahead.

So, Larry King...

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