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Sunday, November 11, 2007

UFOs on Larry King Live, Press Conference Tomorrow

Friday night on Larry King Live, he had a very impressive panel of high-ranking and important military and political officials who had either first-hand experience with alien craft or were prepared to speak on behalf of their constituency who had.

And then he had Shirley Maclaine.

Now, to be fair, Maclaine is one of the premiere actresses of our time - hands down - she's phenomenal. And I agree with much of what she says, concerning Ufology, at least. She's well-read, well-informed, intelligent, and passionate. But having Shirley Maclaine on the show amidst such an impressive and qualified panel smacked to me of so much schlock! It's like when Oprah does a show on something very serious, then brings out John Travolta or someone right in the middle of it for no reason and asks his opinion on the topic:

"Today, we're discussing abortion: who has more rights, the mother or the child? We're here with Holly, who was raped by her father and impregnated. Also, we have Tasha, who found out her son would be born with crippling birth defects and would never lead a normal life. But right now, I want to bring out a very special guest: JOHN TRAV-OL-TA!"

I mean, really.

Not to mention that the stories he covered throughout the first of the program were incidents which have been well-reported and are well-known throughout the community. So I fell asleep while Shirley talked...

However, the real news is that a truly distinguished panel of Ufologists and witnesses are holding a conference tomorrow at 11 AM in the National Press Club ballroom to discuss the matter of UFOs and the American government's role in researching the phenomena. Obviously, this is HUGE news and The OddBlog will be covering it in great detail in the coming weeks, so watch for that.

This is a monumental event I fear will not bring the attention it deserves, partly due to the timing. It being so close to an election year, I have a feeling many politicians will overlook the event, citing "more pressing matters." But the press release does mention the disclosure of evidence previously unreleased, so who knows? There is always the possibility of some great news piece that will capture the imaginations of Americans everywhere and make them scream louder (again), "What exactly is up there?!"

The evidence for alien life - or at least for intelligently-controlled craft being active in the world's airspace - is overwhelming. There is certainly more, and more credible, evidence for it than there is for the existence of, say, black holes - yet the phenomena of black holes is accepted without question. Why, exactly, is this? No one has been able to give me a satisfactory answer to that, yet.

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