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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Nightlife

If you are a cat owner (or have ever lost one), you'll like this story:

Sgt. Podge, a 12-year old cat from Talbot Woods, Bournemouth, in England, leaves every night about the same time and takes off in the same direction. The next morning, his owner drives by to pick him up at the "usual spot."

Liz Bullard said, one night earlier this year, Sgt. Podge took off and was nowhere to be found. She posted bulletins around the neighborhood and a woman who lives nearly two miles away called and said she had found the wayward pussycat. Ms. Bullard went over and picked him up. A few days later, Sgt. Podge disappeared again. Bullard called the same woman to find out that Podge had indeed returned to her home and was awaiting his car home.

Since then, a routine has become established. Each morning, Bullard takes her son to school and picks up Sgt. Podge at the predetermined destination. When it rains, Podge waits in the bushes, but bounds to the car when Ms. Bullard claps her hands.

Cats were praised by the Egyptians, who considered them the reincarnation of gods. They often appear in Supernatural literature and figure prominently in superstitions the world over.

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