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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Now Pronounce You Man and Dog

An Indish man has married a dog in hopes of lifting what he thinks is a curse.

33-year old P Selvakumar of the Sivaganga district stoned two dogs to death several years back. Since then, he has gone blind and fallen prey to paralyzation. Selvakumar believes his run of extremely "bad luck" is connected to this incident.

Selvakumar was perfectly healthy 15 years back, but after stoning two dogs to death, his health began to fail. He says he tried every cure imaginable, but nothing helped, so on the advice of astrologers and several others, he decided to marry a dog.

The practice is actually not uncommon in Selvakumar's culture. Superstitious Indians often marry animals in attempts to ward off curses. But it really isn't so far removed from Western society; many of us marry bitches, too.

OH COME ON! You knew it was coming.

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