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Monday, November 12, 2007

Technical Notes

I know I have been "chatting" a lot lately about things decidedly not odd, but there has been a lot going on with the site, IRL, and with other things. Like I have said time and again, real "news" of the paranormal is not all that frequent.

But I do need to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem with Blogger blogs posted via FTP. I know that some of this stuff has to do with the fact that I am on Windows 98, but this is a really good computer with a lot of RAM and plenty of HD space, so while some sites simply will not come up (or take their sweet-ass time doing so), I am not sure this has anything to do with that.

In the first week, when it took several days for a few posts to go through, I logged off entirely and let it run on its own. Now, why would Blogger have a problem publishing to my site because of my OS when I was already done with what I had to do? I mean, if I were posting directly from my computer/connection, that would be a viable possibility as to the source of the problem; I do not think Win 98 is the problem, even though some other sites and programs are having issues with my OS.

Speaking of which, I am pretty sure The OddBlog is moving to a sub-domain (oddblog.theweirding.net), but not 100% just yet. I want to move it, but I can't get into the part of my host where I do that - I'm assuming thanks to Win 98. I go off on that a bit over to The Wording tomorrow (already wrote the post, but I try to keep them down to a minimum over there to make sure infrequent readers get a chance to see what I do post), if you're interested. Anyway, I am going to move The Rundown onto the website and if anyone knows how that works, I'd love to hear more about it. I am worried about losing what Google PR I have over there, as well as making sure people will be redirected to the right place. In particular, I want to make sure people are redirected to the right post when they enter individual URLs (if they want to see a specific post, I want to be sure it redirects them to that exact post on the new domain). Any help or suggestions anyone has are greatly appreciated!

Other than that, I did get the Chill section online. There are some problems with the Books section which I am about to tackle, but other than that, things look pretty good - a good start, if I say so myself. I have some chatting to do about the UFO conference earlier today, but not much... I had hoped for a bit more revealing of information and what-not, but it doesn't appear much of that took place. Still, it's worth a post.

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