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Monday, November 12, 2007

"ADHD" Meds Harmful

Well, I'm not sure how this one got past the pharmaceutical companies, nor who funded it, but here's one study (at long last) that has a grain of truth to it:

An influential US study has determined that drug treatments for children with the controversial ADHD do not help. In fact, they said that drug treatments (Ritalin, Concerta, etc.) had no more effect after three years than traditional therapy and could even stunt children's growth. The conclusion: the benefits of these drugs has been exaggerated.

The OddBlog would like to go on record as saying, "Duh."

But it gets even better! The professor in charge of the study then said, "There's no indication that medication's better than nothing in the long run." Professor Pelham said there were no beneficial effects of the medication and all of the effects they had observed were actually negative.

Children suffered from growth problems and displayed emotional problems, including violent mood swings, night terrors, self-harm, and even violence toward others.

Again, The OddBlog would like to go on record as saying, "We told you so."

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