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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Test Post - Blogger Hates FTP

Well shit. It says it is still uploading files from yesterday. I found out this is a known issue for Blogger and has been going on since the day we started having problems here. A whole lot of people posted about it yesterday, as well, so I'm glad to know it isn't just me. I didn't think it was.

Anyway, this is basically just yet another test post to see if it gets through and how long it takes. I can't publish anything while it's like this, so there's no real point in trying. The only thing I can do is save a bunch of posts in draft form and then roll them all out later this week or whenever Blogger gets their shit together. That means you may not see anything for several days, then you won't be able to read everything in one sitting! I hate that - big no-no in blogging, really - but what can I do?

Anyway, if this goes through like it should, we'll be back in business. I have a few things from yesterday, something from this weekend, and I'm sure one or two things will pop-up over the course of this beautiful day.

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