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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trousers Snake Bitten in the Butt

Former Judge Roy Pearson was not reappointed to the bench after losing his $54 million lawsuit against a local dry cleaners who lost his frigging pants!

If you recall this story, Pearson claimed the dry cleaners lost his trousers and renegged on a "satisfaction guaranteed" pledge. The poor family lost their business due to the court costs they incurred at the hands of this jackass, and even had the pants the man claimed they lost, but he refused to accept them!

I know I am cynical when it comes to the American legal system, but that's because it doesn't work; if it ever did, the time is long past. Unscrupulous defense attorneys (that's redundant, I know) have so twisted the letter of the law that the spirit is no longer to be found - and this case proves it!

I realize this is not necessarily an "odd" story, but it one I have been following and fits here and I have been following it, so I wanted to bring it to you. I know people the world over were outraged by this asshole's actions and while not being reappointed is a step in the right direction, I truly believe this jerk should face some kind of legal repercussions!

Do you know that some people who are arrested for the most minor of misdemeanors spend days in jail awaiting their court appointment? And litigious bullshit like this is directly responsible. There are many other factors, to be sure, but you cannot deny that this sort of thing is at the top of a pretty short list.

The entire premise of the case wasn't just "flimsy," it was flat-out ridiculous and should have been thrown out at first glance. And the amount for which Pearson was asking was outrageous even for a wrongful death case in most instances! I can't help but think his political pull is what allowed the case to get as far as it did and really, when I think about it, everyone involved in allowing this to happen should face some serious consequences.

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