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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bigots Split with Church

The congregation of the San Joaquin diocese in Fresno, California voted to secede from the Episcopal Church because they despise homosexuals.

The Episcopalian Church appointed a gay bishop in 2003 and the church has struggled internally with this decision since then. The Church said that 32 of its 7600 congregations had left, with another 23 voting on the issue. San Joaquin is the first diocese to complete the split.

The diocese then accepted an invitation to join a conservative South American Anglican congregation.

It is true that The Bible contains many passages condemning homosexuality, but Christianity was supposedly founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ, whose primary message stressed the issues of acceptance, forgiveness, and love.

Homosexuality does not appear in the Ten Commandments, though both adultery and stealing do. This is very interesting to me because so many self-proclaimed Christians are very forgiving of drug addicts who routinely participate in thievery, as well as the time-honored practice of cheating on one's spouse. For some reason, these people - who are committing sins, according to the Ten Commandments set forth in the Old Testament - "have problems," whereas homosexuals are to be "damned to Hellfires for an Eternity."

The Episcopalian Church made great strides in proving their commitment to Christ's teachings when they appointed the openly gay Gene Robinson to the office of bishop in New Hampshire in 2003, but some of their members are dead-set on leaving a legacy of hatred, bigotry, and discrimination.

More blood has been shed in the name of the Christian God than for any other reason throughout the history of Mankind.

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