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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Unprovoked Attack Results in Infant's Death, Reminder for Public

A 2-year old Rottweiler snatched an infant from a 7-year old's arms and dragged it into the yard Friday. The attack happened without warning and the dog had interacted with family members of all ages, as well as another dog and a cat, for the previous six months without incident, having shown no signs of aggressive behavior. The dog was shot on sight, but no one was charged (with negligence) in the unprovoked attack (yet). The infant's 16-year old aunt, in whose charge the child was left, was not in the area when the attack occurred.

Though Rottweilers were bred for war (Germany), they are a well-bred species that is not generally known for such behavior. In fact, while the Pit Bull breed is most well-known for its aggression, veterinarians say that the Chinese war dog breed, the Chow, is the most aggressive, along with the Akita.

While the incident is horrible beyond words, as one expert reminded the public in its wake, dogs are still animals, no matter how domesticated. When confronted with situations they do not understand or are unfamiliar with, there is no telling how they will react. Children should never be left in the company of large dogs unattended.

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