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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Death Channel

No matter your satellite or cable TV provider, you know many of the channels are themed - there are sports channels, comedy channels, music channels, and in Germany, a death channel.

Etos TV is the world's first TV station devoted to death and the memory of loved ones now lost. For a nominal fee, it will broadcast "videobituaries" of your loved ones, often set to hymnal music. Wolf Tildman Schneider is the entrepreneur behind Etos TV and he truly believes it is a good idea to help grieving people move on with their lives and put the deaths of their loved ones behind them without forgetting their passing. In addition, Etos TV also has programs and documentaries on cemeteries, bereavement, and other facets related to the funereal.

Etos TV is not a "reality" death station intent on exploiting death for the sake of ratings. But the Church is keeping a close eye on the channel, to make sure "death is not dumbed-down." Death is a fairly taboo subject to the Germans.

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