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Friday, January 4, 2008

FTP No Faster

Well, the FTP function is still Google's fault and the new connection does not help. I am already searching cool video on YouTube, even though I am loath to do so because it is owned by Google... I am still upset over that whole thing. Regardless, while I have successfully avoided the Google search engine for over a month now (I did breakdown once to search for a number originating from a different area code, and that was just because I wondered if it would garner more specific results than what I got from Ask - it did not), YouTube is pretty much the source for any kind of video.

Anyway, while it's still a little early, I do have to start getting ready for my big date (with a live woman!) tonight, which means I have to shower (it isn't even Saturday - so you know it's a special occasion!) and find something to wear and all that, so I'll chat with you cats later on!

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