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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lion Attacks

About one week after a large cat escaped from an American zoo and mauled several visitors, lions attacked and devoured a man in South Africa. While the two stories have nothing in common aside from the obvious, it is somewhat coincidental in nature.

People like to say "these things happen in threes," but that isn't true. Again, these attacks happened around the world under different circumstances, and it is likely that the second report would not have made headline news were it not for the first one, but I wanted to report this just in case there really is a third story along the same lines.

I did some brief research into the matter, trying to determine the origin of this whole "things happen in threes" superstition, but did not find anything. So I wanted to report these things just ni case it does come about, and then I'll look into the matter more seriously.

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